About the Journal

    1. Journal Title: Journal of Management and Creative Business
    2. Initials: jmcbus
    3. Frequency: January, April, July dan Oktober
    4. Print ISSN: 2962-0856
    5. Online ISSN:  2962-1119
    6. Editor in Chief: Dr. Ir. Achmad Daengs GS, SE, MM, CPPM
    7. DOI: 10.30640
    8. Publisher: Universitas 45 Surabaya

Journal of Management and Creative Business,eISSN: 2962-1119; pISSN: 2962-0856; is a the peer-reviewed journal published scientific articles in management and business economics involving operational management, management of human resources, finance management, marketing management, social and economic management  managed. Articles published in the Journal of Management and Creative Business include the results of genuine scientific research (top priorities) and new (unpriorities) articles from academic and research that have not been published elsewhere.This journal is published 1 year 4 times (January, April, July dan Oktober)


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